DJ Lee

DJ Lee is a tastemaker. As an established DJ he has been at the nucleus of some of the most cutting-edge labels and parties in electronic music, namely Metalheadz and Speed

This position afforded him the trust of producers to give him music and the trust of listeners as a go-to DJ that would select and play music that would shape drum n bass for future years.

His production credits have taken him across genres, from drum n bass to techno. He has released with Metalheadz, 31 Records, his own label Atlas and revered techno powerhouse Watergate alongside Trevino / Marcus Intalex as 'Sideways'.

DJ Lee's reason for playing music is borne of expression and the need for sharing music that he believes will push music culture forward.

It's in the present day that he finds himself hearing music that fits into his aesthetic for club sets which means you'll be hearing much more from the influential DJ Lee going forward.

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